Regardless of their specialist sectors or geographic location, all Entrepose teams share ommon values and exemplary goals in all the company’s areas of responsibility. These are the fundamentals of a collective culture whose primary value is safety.

Safety: the goal of remaining “Injury Free on Every Site”

Entrepose sécurité

Facilitated by the network of HSE managers, under the authority of General Management, the sole objective of the Entrepose Safety Policy is to ensure that its operations are carried out while remaining “Injury Free on Every Site”. This policy is implemented through several unifying approaches, such as the Safety, I Care! plan, whose logo now identifies all the Group’s safety actions; specific initiatives to encourage coworkers to pledge their commitment to safety, an annual Entrepose Health, Safety and Environment Challenge and VINCI Construction’s International Safety Week. Moreover, most of the group’s entities are certified according to OHSAS 18001 standard.

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Many actions, taken at the initiative of worksites, aim to increase teams’ awareness of the impact of their work environment, and incite them be involved in efforts made to improve it:

Entrepose Safety I care logo

  • Alive on Site, for example, consists of watching a film made on site in small groups in order to identify positive and negative aspects of the installations and behaviours. After these discussions, the site workers are invited to pledge their commitment to safety.
  • Open eyes cards are distributed to site workers to encourage them not just to report dangerous situations, but also to act to correct them.
  • VINCI Construction’s mobile phone application, “Watch”, has facilitated reporting using smartphones.
  • HSE managers are supported in their assignment by the on-site management team which presents their teams with the measures to be taken during prestart meetings held once or, if required, several times a day.


Health, Safety and Environment Challenge

Health, Safety and Environment Challenge

Every year since 2012, all employees of the Group are invited to participate in the Health, Safety and Environment Challenge, as an individual or in teams. This competition is designed to reward, promote and spread awareness about the best initiatives in four categories: “Management, Organisation”, “Technique, Equipment, Tools” and “Training, Behaviours, Human Factors”, “Social Responsibility” (new category since 2018).

This annual meeting provides an opportunity to communicate widely internally on innovations or best practices developed within the subsidiaries in order to disseminate them throughout the Group.